Sunday, November 17, 2019

Our new baby... Milou Enni

Ok guys. Sorry for the last post that might have been misleading.

I did it purposefully, yes. BUT I DINT LIE. I didn't!

Facts first:
1. Yes, I'm in love.
2. Yes, we were expecting a new baby into our family.
3. And yes, it is surprise not just for us, but also for others.

But no, its not a new babygirl as many of you thought. Or babyboy - as some of you dared to wish out loud. Haha.

I think having a dog marks a new season in our life, or as good friend and a mother of four, Rebeka commented:

Never say never, but having a dog marks a different path you are taking, right?

We made that decision exactly year ago, actually. Noomi, our second had a tough season. Adapting into Finnish culture and finding swedish speaking friends wasnt easiest. All girls felt that they lost something as we moved from Estonia up north, and in a way they were right. Many friends were left "behind". And as we heard that Noomis old rabbit died, it just added an extra weight on her little shoulders.

This was a time i decided to lead my family by making a decison to have a dog (i had been against it for many years). I thought that this way we will always have an extra friend at home.

Maybe its too early to say if it was a bad, good or great decision, but here we are! Milou Enni is at our home! (Noomi had a right to choose a name for her)

She is a beagle - English hunting dog. Rather common in the area where we are living (lot of elk hunters here!). That breed is known for unique nose that can smell a target miles away. And they don't grow that big, have lot of energy and tend to be intelligent (read: not too difficult to train).

Well, we will see!

Last three nights I haven't slept much. She wakes up couple of times during a nighttime and wants to cuddle and bite. But yes, I'm still in love.

Here are some pictures.
Our youngest, Ilse, holding our first gift for Milou. 

First photo of her (cred. Greta)
I'm telling you, she is smart!
Thats me and a dog!
Our fourth, Mirtel, can pat her for hours! They both need it.

Milou Enni (7,5w) and average sized chicken egg.

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